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WU LIANG YE 42% 500ml
WU LIANG YE 42% 500ml

WU LIANG YE 42% 500ml

Country:China Alcohol percentage:42% Volume: 500ml
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Wuliangye (WU = five, LIANG = grain, YE = liquor) is a luxury white spirit from China made from a blend of five organic ingredients, broomcorn, glutinous rice, rice, wheat and corn delivering a unique aroma and taste. The spirit was originally created during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) using Yibin’s local spring, the purest water sourced from the Sichuan province. Wuliangye is distilled in a subtropical climate with year round average temperatures of 18oC and 85% humidity.

Wuliangye is crystal clear in colour and markedly viscous in the glass, with small beads forming above the rim. On the nose, it is highly pungent with a marked nose burn indicative of its high ABV. Once accustomed to the nose prickle, fruity and estery aromas emerge. On the palate, there is marked fruitiness mainly pineapple notes, liquorice, with savoury elements, soy sauce and a distinct dryness.

Alcohol percentage:42%
Volume: 500ml