About Us

Brand story

It’s not every day that we get to commemorate a special occasion. That’s why FORYOU seeks to make the most of any celebration with an exceptional gift.


Inspired by 仪式感 [yí shì gǎn] ‒ the Chinese philosophy of formality and commemoration – we transform the simple act of gift-giving into a grand ceremony. Each gift comes wrapped in high-quality packaging, complete with personalized notes. Whether it’s a celebration for a loved one or just a gift of self-love, this simple touch will make those heartfelt moments extra special.


By tapping into our network of mid-to-high-end brands, we’ve put together an extensive catalog of high-quality items. We also go the extra mile to help celebrants procure the perfect gift, and elevate the occasion.


With every gift, FORYOU hopes to spread the love of celebrations and turn every special moment into a treasured memory.